The Assistance of our Work Team implies the provision of Technical Documents of Basic, Conceptual and Executive Engineering and/or of Details for Works such as the ones listed below, in every one of the indicated specialties.

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    Process Flow Diagram and P&ID’s, Equipments and Installations Lay-Outs, especially for Plants for Agro-Industry, Food Industry, Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical Industry, Water and Effluents, PET and PP Injection and Blowing (Bottles).


    Calculation Reports, Designs of Medium and Low Voltage Transformers. Instrument Panels. Interlocking. PLC’s Programming.


    Calculation Reports, Project and Design of Supporting Structures. Columns, Beams and Cranes for all kind of Equipments and Vessels. Pipes Bridges and Cranes. Bridges for Electrical Trays, Especial Supports. Towers. Housing. Verification and Adaptation of new Installations for new loads requirements. Platforms, ladders and Attention Platforms and Equipment Maintenance.


    Calculation Reports, Vessel Designs. Pressured or Atmospherics Vessels. Speed Reducers, Shaft and Agitators. Pumps Calculation and Selection. Pipes, Valves and Accessories. Belt Conveyors. Scoop Wheels. Redlers. Threads. Screws. Filtration and Blowing Pneumatic Systems. Feeders. Silos. Distributors. Storage Tanks. Large Storage Buildings. Reactors. Heath Exchangers. Cooling Towers. Dryers. Evaporators. Vacum Filters. Drying Furnace. Machinery Modification and Adaptations, Equipments and Structures for new Installations.


Process and Treatment Plants for Chemical Industries and Oil and Gas Industries.
Grains, oleaginous crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Carbonated Drinks, Juices and Water.
P.E.T and P.P. Preforms Injection, Caps and Bottles Blowing.
Water and Effluent Treatment Plants for Food Industry.
Wet and Dry Corn Milling and all its by-products. HFCS, Starch, Maltodextrines, Proteins, Balance Ration for Birds and Cattle.
Evaporation, Concentration and Drying of Food and Industrial Products.




Organizational Management

Procurement Management, Supply and Construction of Machinery, Equipments and Installations.
Project and on-site Works Progress Control.
Assembly Supervision.
Investment Evaluation.
Workshops, Seminars and Courses on Personal and Organizational Leadership applying Coaching on Ontological Design. Individual and Groups Training.
Budgets Analysis.
Technical Assistance and Activities Coordination.
Equipment Inspection on Suppliers’ Warehouses.
Construction Direction.
Budgets for the Calculation of Capital Projects. Technical Offers for Tender.
Industrial Surveys for Fixed Assets. Technical Dossiers for Industrial and Environmental Hygiene and Safety.