PTM Sinar GROUP Division for the Practice of Personal and Organizational Coaching

¿What is Faro-Coaching?

What is Coaching? The Ontological Coaching (study of being) is a philosophical stance that introduces us in the world of our Language. And it shows us how we generate a reality from what we say, how we say it and with which corporality we do it. It encourages us to work our observers’ coherence. How? Decreasing the suffering, that we say “lives” in our internal and external conversation. A suffering of linguistics origin, that unlike the pain, we identified with a biological origin. We support that we can make changes in the observer of the world, that each of us is, allowing our personal development.

With this purpose “FARO-COACHING” is born as a division of PTM Sinar Group S.A., focus on the diffusion and application of the Ontological Coaching, in a Personal Level as much as in an Organizational Level, destined for those who wish to make a big difference for their life.

“FARO-COACHING” is an advanced reference, to offer to our Clients and to all potential new market of people and organizations, workshops, courses, talks and trainings, linked with the Language, Management and Personal Leadership Ontology.

Have you ever wondered?

What is your dream? Do you know where you are?
Where do you want to get?
What course will you take?
In how much time do you want it?
What are you ready to give up?
Why do you want to go there?
How are you going to make it?
Who is going to go with you?
What is happening that you can not start?

To sail through life,
changing clock for compass.

The laws and principles of the art of sailing, are very much alike the ones from life itself. To assembly a project is like assembly a puzzle. The questions stated by a Coach, are just some of the matters that I propose you challenge. So you can take the wheel of your boat, so you can identified your course (direction) in which you will feel you can sail happily. I consider I am being an enthusiastic Observer that experiments the continuous challenge of assembly the puzzle. I promise to facilitate your process, so you can dream, imagine, design and make plans. For you to be able to set objectives, organize actions, control results and establish your personal effectiveness. And if you are not achieving all this yet, I promise to help you to plan again from another point of view, transforming new actions, in new results. To say Enough!! to what is blocking you. A professional and containing different view to facilitate you to find your course. The one that allows you to assembly your own puzzle. Your project. Your life course. The course of your things.

As a yacht pilot I have guided nautical trips. I invite you to guide yours. The clock represents the time, the urgent, all we do with our life. The compass reminds us, the course, the direction we give to our life. The orientation. Drive your own destiny. Work fully your Personal Power. I think that this is what Leadership is about.

Eduardo Díaz
Ontological Coach in Management and Leadership
Director of the Coach Training Institute Virtual Room